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Meridian Healthcare Prescribes Integrated Care


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – For decades, there’s been a stigma that patients treated for behavioral or mental health issues were distinct from those who suffer physical pain.

No longer.

At Meridian Healthcare Inc. , the operating philosophy is that addiction, behavioral and mental health, and the physical condition of a patient are all connected. More important is the realization that addressing all of these facets is vital to successful treatments that could have life-saving outcomes.

“The biggest change that’s happening in our industry is this concept of recognizing that mental health, behavioral health and physical health all have to be addressed together,” says Larry Moliterno, president and CEO of Meridian Healthcare, Youngstown. “You can no longer separate someone’s physical wellness with their behavior health wellness.”

Meridian Healthcare opened its doors in 1974. Over the last six years or so, Meridian has worked to integrate general practice and chiropractic medicine into its behavioral, mental health and addiction recovery care services, Moliterno says.

“We started having this new perspective of looking at things collectively and looking at integratedcare,” he says. “It means you change the whole culture of your organization.”As an example, Moliterno points to clients who seek treatment for opiate addiction. Often, these patients were prescribed […]

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