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Michael Corthell: Veganism, like women’s right to choose, is a social justice issue


My last letter was about the continuing pandemic and the need for everyone to be vaccinated. Great responses, and I was greatly encouraged. Thank you all.

Veganism is not only about animal rights, but also a comprehensive social justice issue as you will see. This proposal is for all the boys who think like those Texas boys whose anti-abortion law was just passed.

In the interest of all that is right and good in America I’m proposing mandatory vasectomies until you’re married and want to have children. (Yes, they can be reversed).

So, come on, let’s help save some lives! What’s that, is that a definite, no? Why? I agree, because it’s your body and neither I, nor anyone else gets to make that choice for you.

Veganism is about social justice for all animals, human and non-human alike. All social justice issues are tied together. All, including woman’s rights, and racism.

I can sum it up by once again invoking the Golden Rule, citing the commands “love your neighbor” and “don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.” 

All justice boils down to this; a living being’s right to have their body’s sovereignty honored, and respected. If […]

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