The Truth is Powerful

Microsoft revealed the latest truths about working from home. One is truly disturbing

The headline wasn’t all that promising : “The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work — Are We Ready?”

No, of course we’re not ready. We were never ready for the pandemic . We were never ready for mass working from home. We’re never ready.

This headline came from a company that itself wasn’t exactly ready for working from home, Microsoft . Right beneath its nostrils, a company called Zoom came along and stole hegemony over a means of communication that Microsoft might, itself, have already mastered.

Yet Microsoft has tried to catch up with its Teams and has clearly devoted much thought to our what-the-hell-is-happening world.

In July, Redmond analyzed what was going on inside its own (virtual) world and discovered some horrific facts . Sample: 52% of the company’s IMs were being sent between 6pm and midnight.

More recently, though, the company wondered whether we’re ready for the hybrid thing and released a Work Trend Index , which tried to paint a more complete picture of the work-life COVID has wrought.Yes, there’s another great disruption coming a year after the last great disruption. Don’t you wish that disruptions would auto-disrupt and leave us to a little peace? The Boss Is Having A Great […]

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