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Minor in LGBTQ studies


The LGBTQ studies minor offers coursework from a wide range of academic disciplines, including classes from the departments of anthropology, art, English, history, journalism, music, psychology and more. The minor focuses on exploring the social construction of sexual and gender identities and their relationships to other identities such as race, ethnicity, class, citizenship, disability and more. Students in the minor will learn to look at LGBTQ experiences through multiple lenses, exploring the experiences of individuals from a wide range of communities, both inside and outside of the U.S.

Courses in the minor can be customized to complement your major and fit your interests. All students in the minor take a common foundational course on understanding the intersectional analysis of identities and then select another course offering an introduction to LGBTQ studies. You can choose your remaining courses from a large list of interdisciplinary electives that focus on LGBTQ studies or consider LGBTQ experiences in relation to a broader course of study.

You will learn about the LGBTQ experiences in a variety of settings, including arts and culture, law and justice, health and family, politics and more, that will enrich your understanding in the histories and experiences of LGTBQ+ people across the […]

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