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Mitigating workplace violence in healthcare with mass notification


Every organization is trying to find ways to mitigate workplace violence, but healthcare organizations have several obstacles that can make this difficult task even more challenging. The number one goal of any healthcare organization is to provide excellent patient care, but any threat of violence can make it hard to achieve this goal. Healthcare administrators need to worry about protecting their staff, their patients, and visitors, including patients’ families and outside contractors. The more audiences that need protecting, the more complex a plan can become. This often leads to organizations deploying separate solutions to address each need, but when an urgent situation takes place, this can cause unforeseen inefficiencies. That’s why many organizations are turning to a mass notification system to help.

No one can say for certain when violence will occur, which is why being prepared is critical to mitigating the damage. Many mass notification systems are becoming more sophisticated, offering critical event management capabilities that go beyond simply sending out an alert. Now healthcare organizations can leverage these tools to manage every aspect of an incident from beginning to end. This starts with identifying the violent situations that people within a healthcare facility may experience.

A physical dispute may […]

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