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MSPB Advises on Selecting Online Training and Education


Following is an article in a recent MSPB publication covering considerations for choosing among online training and education options.

It is well recognized that enhancing one’s credentials through training and education can pay large dividends in terms of salary, responsibility, advancement, and marketability. Now, many employees may be looking to online education as a career-builder, driven by the need to “socially distance” and the savings in commute time due to more remote work. However, not all programs are created equal, so we chatted with Dr. Karlease Kelly— former Provost of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Virtual University—to obtain her perspective about continuing education. When in operation, USDA’s Virtual University was a global training entity focused on preparing department employees and student interns for professional excellence and career advancement. Dr. Kelly believes that education and training not only give employees a competitive edge when applying for jobs but also help improve their decision-making abilities and quality of thinking.

These advantages, combined with additional time at home, has many employees choosing to avail themselves of an explosion of online education/training opportunities. However, these programs vary widely in their quality, duration, and cost, and choosing the right one for you may be […]

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