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My top productivity tools and tricks for managing my daily workflow (2022 edition)


This article was originally published in October 2014. It has been updated every year or so since then to reflect new tools and workflows.

Remember the old productivity and office suites we all used to use? I don’t know about you, but my mix of productivity tools has certainly changed over the years. What I use today is vastly different from my daily productivity “suite” of years past.

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Before I take you through both the tools and my “process,” let me point out that this stuff is different for everyone. My work these days consists far more of educating and communicating, and far less time spent living in spreadsheets than back in the days when I ran startups.

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Today, I coordinate with teams, rather than manage them. I have students rather than employees. I research projects rather than launch products. My daily productivity flow reflects the changes in career as I’ve evolved from founder to advisor, manager to professor, and publisher to columnist.I use a tremendous number of tools for my projects, and they often change from project to project. […]

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