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My View: Applied research is the key to accelerating Arizona’s innovation economy


Arizona has become a hub for technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. But where does technological innovation begin?

Technological innovation starts by being able to look at addressing societal issues and challenges in a new way. Once new ideas and discoveries are robustly investigated, they are ready for further development, testing and validation. This is where applied research comes in. Applied research goes a step further in pursuing and validating research that can be applied to a specific outcome.

The Partnership for Economic Innovation (PEI) is focused on applied research as a pathway for entrepreneurial and economic development. PEI has established two applied research centers: the WearTech Applied Research Center that helps launch future-of-health technology and biomedical devices and the Arizona Blockchain Applied Research Center that develops new blockchain-based innovations aligned with the region’s competitive growth sectors. For example, using blockchain to ensure that supply chain is secure for critical products like semiconductor chips that are in almost everything from cars to medical robotics. Both applied research centers were founded with specific goals for moving the needle on innovation in industries that drive new job creation in state. Lowering the risk of investment

The applied research centers are set up to follow a […]

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