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NASA small business technology contracts showing promising early results


NASA recently awarded 17 small companies more than $14 million to keep developing promising new technologies. They’re already shown promising results in the first round of funding.

With the latest on NASA’s and Small Business Technology Transfer and Small Business Innovation Research programs, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turned to the acting program executive Gynelle Steele.

Interview transcript:

Tom Temin: Ms. Steele, good to have you on. Gynelle Steele: Thanks for having me, Tom.

Tom Temin: So this is a long standing program, it’s really two programs that are interrelated. Just give us the architecture of the program and a little bit of the history.

Gynelle Steele: Absolutely. So STTR stands for Small Business Technology Transfer program. And we support and fund American small businesses in partnership with research institutes, that have a desire to further relevant research and build capacity for NASA, the commercial aerospace industry in the […]

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