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NCET Biz Tips: Overcoming political strife in the workplace – Tips for a more friendly and collegial business culture


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The state of political discourse has gotten so extreme that family members aren’t talking to each other, friends have become estranged, and, in the workplace, there has been a loss of collegiality and community. Disdain between employees continues to grow in an environment of binary sides where you are either right or wrong. While no one is immune from the rhetoric and vitriol heard on social and traditional media, there is a way that businesses can rise above the petty attacks and demonstrate a united sense of community for their employees and demand appropriate discourse from public figures. Don’t take yourself too seriously – Employers can set the tone by laughing at oneself, allowing your team to laugh as well, and creating opportunities for silly interactions. Of course, all playful fun must be respectful and inclusive – a team never wants to risk isolating someone in the quest for humor. Using oneself as the playful example allows for a more lighthearted and easy discourse when talking policy and politics.

Humanize all members of the team – Getting to know each other as employees and understanding people’s story – their backgrounds filled with […]

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