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Nevada can lead the nation on economic revitalization


Digital internet and security graphic. Image credit: MF3d at Nevada’s economy was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s key industries – tourism, gaming, and entertainment – were affected most. Nevada’s economy is rebounding strong, but the pandemic highlighted how critical it is to diversify the state’s economy and create new employment opportunities.

Nevadans must have access to good-paying technology-driven jobs and opportunities.

By decentralizing digital jobs currently concentrated in places like Silicon Valley, we can revitalize Nevada’s economy and ensure that everyone can benefit from the digital economy. We need a development strategy that fosters technology development initiatives, including the next generation of manufacturing, and invests in workers.

Nevada is an excellent, logical growth location for the tech industry. In Northern Nevada, technology and manufacturing comprised more than 60 percent of all companies that relocated and expanded to the region in the past two years, according to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN). In Southern Nevada, the most recent Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance “Workforce Blueprint” listed the “Top 20 In Demand” occupations for the region, with the top two being “Software Developers, Applications” and “Software Developers, Systems Software.” The tech industry as an opportunity for economic […]

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