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New Politics Conference 2021

The New Politics conference 2021 made a profound theoretical contribution to many of the most pertinent debates facing the left internationally. Over five days, participants explored questions about the state, social class, social movements, political parties, feminism and intersectional politics, eco-socialism, and much more. click here to go to a playlist of all the conference videos.

In this summary report, we have sought to synthesize the key findings. We hope that readers will find a rich, nuanced and frank analysis of the challenges faced by the left today, and that it will serve as a useful aid in navigating the major social struggles to come.

Download the full report in here . Ten key take-aways:

> The state is not only the government

The state is the vehicle for capitalist hegemony in political and civil society, yet it is also a vehicle the left invests many of its hopes in for transformation.

The reality the left must grapple with is that achieving governmental power is not equivalent to winning state power as a whole. When the left wins elections, it still faces profound structural barriers to implementing its program, including the need to govern an economy […]

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