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New research provides insight into why our education says way more about our politics than it used to


College education versus lack of a higher educational degree appears to be an important political divide in American voters. A study published in Political Research Quarterly suggests that having a bachelor’s degree is a strong indicator of the likelihood to vote for the Democratic Party.

The American two-party political system can be extremely divisive and has become increasingly so since the year 2000. This past election between incumbent Donald Trump and career politician Joe Biden contained accusations of fraud and election theft.

Previous research has shown demographic differences in voters before, such as race, religion, and gender. Educational levels have also been linked with political participation, with more educated people being more politically active, more likely to vote, work on political campaigns, and commit to advocacy. Despite previous research on this, relatively little is known about the relationship between education and partisanship, which this research attempts to address.

“I became interested in the diploma divide from watching the political shift in Virginia over the last decade,” explained study author Joshua N. Zingher, an associate professor at Old Dominion University and author of “ Political Choice in a Polarized America: How Elite Polarization Shapes Mass Behavior .”

“Virginia has quickly transitioned from a solidly […]

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