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New strategy may solve challenges associated with “healthcare big data”


The efficient provision of medical care is integral to society. Over time, the healthcare industry has tapped into modern technology in order to keep up its quality of service. This has, unsurprisingly, led to huge volumes of patient data. But it’s not just patients whose data need to be stored; doctors, physicians, clinical staff, and even smart wearable gadgets are contributing to what is coming to be known as “healthcare big data.”

Big data analytics (BDA), which involves the use of special design architectures to manage, store, and analyze complex data, is an important tool in healthcare. But it is hard to implement, owing to its high failure rate, resource-intensive process, and–most importantly–a lack of a clear guideline to aid practitioners.

In a recent study published in IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2021), researchers from Pakistan and Australia addressed this issue, offering a roadmap for the successful implementation of BDA in healthcare.

They proposed a standard architecture that promises to solve all the challenges currently associated with BDA. Prof. Tariq Mahmood from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Pakistan, lays down his motivation behind the study, “In reality, healthcare analytics has been in use for more than two […]

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