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NIST’s Privacy Framework can help orgs find their ‘sweet spot’


In January 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology released Version 1.0 of its Privacy Framework : a voluntary tool aimed at helping organizations manage risk arising from their products and services.

Since then, “many multinational organizations have used the framework to create a foundational program that they can then tailor to different jurisdictions within which they operate” said Dylan Gilbert, privacy policy advisor at NIST,

As a voluntary tool, Gilbert says, the framework is intended to help innovators build new products, while still protecting individuals’ privacy.

“This tool is the result of NIST collaboration with a diverse set of stakeholders from around the world representing private industry, the public sector, academia and civil society over a yearlong open and transparent development process,” explained Gilbert, who will be presenting at HIMSS21 in a few weeks alongside HITRUST Chief Privacy Officer Nikole Davenport.

Gilbert noted that the Privacy Framework can assist with supporting ethical decision-making in the design of products and services that optimize beneficial uses of data while minimizing adverse consequences.

“This is the benefit of the framework’s flexible, risk-based approach to privacy,” he told Healthcare IT News . “Privacy risk assessments can help organizations understand in a given context the values to […]

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