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Nonsurgical Orthopedic Procedures


More patients in Louisville choose to get their orthopedic procedures — surgical or nonsurgical — at Norton Orthopedic Institute than with any other medical provider in Louisville or Southern Indiana. Recognized for providing quality care that adheres to the strictest standards, our board-certified physicians have the experience and skills to get you out and around whether your condition requires minimally invasive surgery or more conservative treatment.

Joint replacement, especially knee replacement, is one of the most common surgical orthopedic procedures. Years of wear and tear on the knees take a toll, leading to pain that often requires artificial replacements of some of the bones in the knee joint. This procedure is performed with great precision as your surgeon may work with the assistance of a robot to place the new joint to give provide a more natural feel once you are up and around again.

Hip and knee replacement patients typically are walking within a couple hours of their surgery and go home the same day. Norton Orthopedic Institute surgeons pioneered a technique for hip replacement that allows surgeons to access the diseased joint from the front, rather than the conventional approach through the back that led to more muscle injury, […]

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