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Now is the time for providers to be proactive about telehealth


You’ve probably heard this one before: A major contributor to the telehealth explosion over the last year has been the decision to waive various restrictions on virtual care.

But the future of those regulations remains murky – and with it, the continued widespread availability of telehealth.

“It’s unclear when those waivers will go away, and it’s unclear what will be permanent and what won’t be,” said Heather Alleva, leading health systems and hospitals attorney at Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, in an interview with Healthcare IT News .

Alleva does have a few predictions, however. She believes HIPAA requirements for telehealth platforms will likely go back into effect, although the Office of Civil Rights is considering some changes.

And although some states may join interstate compacts that make it easier for providers to practice in different regions, Alleva says some form of state-specific licensure will almost certainly be reinstated.

“There’s a concern that they want to make sure consumers and patients in their state are being served by people they’ve vetted,” Alleva explains.This could make it difficult for providers in places like Chicago, whose patients may live over state lines. Hypothetically speaking, said Alleva, “if you have a physician who is only licensed in Illinois, […]

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