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Nursing Programs Use Implicit Bias Training to Address Racial Disparities in Healthcare


California recently launched a new strategy to help erase the stain of racial disparity in healthcare October 1st by signing and enacting CNA-sponsored bill AB 1407 . In light of this, we thought we’d dig into what implicit bias training entails, what are the racial disparities in healthcare it’s trying to combat, and what this means for nurses. What is Implicit Bias in Nursing?

Implicit bias refers to having attitudes or beliefs one is not aware of that lead to unintentional discriminatory treatment of people based on their race, religion, gender, sexual identity, culture, etc.

A study reported in JAMA examined data collected from 596,355 adults in the National Health Interview Survey from 1999-2018. The purpose of the study was to identify how racial and ethnic differences have changed over this almost 20-year time period regarding self-reported access to health care, health care affordability, and health status.

While researchers found improvement in some subgroups, they also found ethnic and racial disparity in healthcare still “largely persisted.”

And while the study attempted to identify factors that might be contributing to this ongoing disparity such as “different patterns in care-seeking” (which did exist), ethnic and racial disparity in healthcare persisted “ even when […]

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