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Nvidia’s Omniverse: The Metaverse is a network not a destination


With the universal scene description standard, says Nvidia executive Richard Kerris, you’ll hop from one 3-D world to the next as effortlessly as you browse Web sites.

Digital presenteeism is creating a future of work that nobody wants Read now “People will start to see the ability to experience locations,” as a first experience of the Metaverse, says Nvidia executive Richard Kerris, things like walking around a prospective hotel room before booking. Probably, though, the Metaverse will creep up on us like the Web did, so that “it almost happened when you didn’t know it.” When it was first introduced by Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg last fall, there was skepticism in some corners about The Metaverse, the systems of avatars and virtual worlds that Zuckerberg is building and that he says will be the next version of the Internet.

Richard Kerris, who runs a team of a hundred people at chip giant Nvidia that is building technology for The Metaverse, known as Omniverse (more here ), is not at all skeptical about that future world.

He is skeptical about one thing, though.

“The only thing I’m skeptical about is how people tend to talk about it,” Kerris told ZDNet , on a recent […]

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