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Oh, Yeah, Now We Remember Why We Thought Andrew Cuomo Was a Jerk


For a quarter-century or so, anyone who hung around New York politics, or knew people who did, had a file full of anecdotes and impressions of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. To summarize the file: He was a talented and ambitious guy who was often a jerk.

He was a smart, shrewd, and persevering figure who could be short-tempered to the point of abusive, was vain about publicity in ways that stood out even by the standards of politicians, and where he went, drama and personal conflict inevitably followed.

A year ago, as New York was an early pandemic hot spot, the national conversation shifted and everyone started a new file on Cuomo: Oh, my goodness, isn’t he charismatic? Empathetic, spontaneous, engaged, responsible, commanding. Just what the moment required , and just what was lacking from Donald Trump.

Now, Trump is out of the White House and as for Cuomo … Damn it, where is that jerk file? Please tell me I wasn’t so dumb to just throw it away.

There aren’t many cases that more vividly capture perceptions of a public figure swerving so abruptly over such a short time. Far from being a masterful coronavirus crisis manager, Cuomo’s administration is under investigation […]

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