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Oil City Speaks!: ‘Legalizing cannabis would do wonders for Wyoming’s economy’


CASPER, Wyo. — Welcome to Oil City Speaks! The conversation has been lively this week, with people offering their perspectives on everything from possible marijuana legalization to a heart-warming story about a mother being reunited with a son she gave up for adoption 51 years ago.

Oil City News is all about offering coverage of the people, places and events that shape the community we love and we welcome when readers take the time to read (hopefully) and offer your own thoughts on the topic. That’s why we’ve selected some hot takes, heart-warming comments and head-scratching views readers have shared in response to our coverage this week (see below for more about why we’re doing this): We’ve got the news, but you’ve got the views. Let’s look at some OC Speaks Hot Takes !

There was plenty of conversation this week in response to 14 Wyoming legislators sponsoring a bill that would legalize marijuana in the state which would generate an estimated $49.5 million for the state.

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Dan’s comment is a hot take in that he doesn’t shy away from phrases like “these clowns.” But it also stands out because of the thoughtful perspective it shows. There’s multiple ways […]

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