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One in four LGBTQ young people now identify as non-binary

A new report from The Trevor Project shows LGBTQ youth are increasingly identifying outside the gender binary.

Conducted between October and December of 2020, the report surveyed almost 35,000 LGBTQ youth ages 13 to 24 and found that 26% identify as non-binary, with an additional 20% reporting they are still questioning if they are non-binary. Rates were similar across all ages and ethnicities.

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The study also found that LGBTQ youth view “transgender” and “non-binary” as two separate identities, with only 50% of non-binary respondents stating they also identify as transgender. Twenty percent of non-binary respondents stated they are still questioning if they are transgender.

“Young people are using a variety of language to describe the nuances of their gender identity outside of the binary construction of gender,” said Jonah DeChants, a Research Scientist for The Trevor Project, in a statement . “These data emphasize that, while there is certainly an overlap, youth understand ‘transgender’ and ‘nonbinary’ as distinct identity terms – and you cannot assume one’s identity simply based on the pronouns they use.”

There was also significant diversity in how nonbinary youth label themselves. While […]

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