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Op-ed: Climate Change Is Bringing Agriculture to the Arctic. Let’s Prioritize Food Sovereignty.


(Photo courtesy of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources) Last December, while I was conducting research in Canada’s Northwest Territories, I found myself craving crunchy raw vegetables and paid $8 for a stalk of celery.

High-priced, low-quality produce and shelf-stable goods are common in the North, since much of the food available in stores there gets shipped from afar. When the pandemic strained some of those supply routes, northern governments, investors, and food producers began zeroing in on the question: Can we grow enough food in the North to feed the North?

And the answer is probably yes. Now more than ever, food production in the Arctic and boreal regions of the planet may be possible on a large scale.

Whereas climate change is threatening crop production and local food security in most other regions in the world , in the circumpolar north , scientists predict rising temperatures may enable expanded food production as the growing season gets warmer and longer.

And there is growing appetite for greening icy landscapes and churning out a harvest beneath the midnight sun. In Russia, for example, Chinese investors are developing large-scale soybean farms , and the state of Alaska is currently working to develop 100,000-plus acres […]

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