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Op/Ed: Indiana’s economic future depends on making smart, bold choices now


In the fickle sport of politics, the assignment of blame is the easy play called. Anger and fear drive headlines and votes. Complex proposals, long-term thinking, candor, boldness and risk-taking are punished and not rewarded. Through this lens, questions of how to improve Hoosiers’ lives we serve through public policy are sometimes distorted by going the way of the safe or easy decision. Let’s set politics aside for a moment and discuss the state of our state.

Indiana lags the country in per capita income, educational attainment, health outcomes and environmental conditions. It is also true that Indiana ranks as the fifth-best state in the nation for business, top in the Midwest, and is on strong financial footing, with low tax rates and record budget surpluses.

Recent opinion pieces and debates on the direction of our state take an incomplete view. Twenty years ago, Indiana was similarly poorly situated in health, environmental and educational attainment measures. But our state’s fiscal health was dismal. Cash balances had been depleted as state spending exceeded annual revenues.

Back then, the state was in no position to invest in Hoosiers. Today, because of sound fiscal policies, efficient government and economic growth, we are in a position […]

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