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Opinion: Change on applications would open education to those who need it most


“So pervasive is the racial inequality in the criminal justice system, it is impossible for the inquiry and usage of criminal justice information in college applications to be a race-neutral practice.” So states a joint report between the Justice Impact Movement and Yale College Council. People with a history of system involvement are three times less likely to finish a college application after starting than those without, all because of a single question asking about their past.

Most of these prospective students belong to nonwhite minority groups, feeding the issue of skewed demographics in higher education. JIM encourages institutions of higher education to “ban the box” and promote a fairer system in the U.S. We want to break down the barriers to higher education for justice-impacted individuals. Such change starts with a bill in the Connecticut General Assembly.

H.B. 6228, referred to the Committee on Higher Education and Employment Advancement, prohibits higher education institutions from using criminal justice history in admissions and financial aid decisions and establishes a statewide Prison Education Program Office to help run programs within Connecticut prisons. The program officer would help incarcerated scholars with reentry and financial aid while also developing a process by which such students […]

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