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OPINION: How America’s greatest energy mistake gambles with our Texas economy


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Everyone across Texas feels the punch of record inflation and sky-high energy prices, and there’s little end in sight. While pandemic disruptions played a role, actions taken in Washington since early 2021 helped inflame the problem. And their flailing remedies are doing practically nothing to alleviate our pain.

What we continue to see from Washington may actually be gambling with our economy and perpetuating what is considered America’s greatest energy mistake. Their scattershot approach to reducing energy prices offers little tangible solutions. It ignores the obvious solution to support domestic energy production.

Oil is the chief cost factor in the price of gasoline and diesel prices. The White House’s antagonistic approach toward our traditional energy sources upon taking office stifled energy development and production. It triggered prices at the pump to rise by more than $1.10 a gallon from inauguration day to this January. That triggered the higher price trajectory that surged even higher when Russia attacked Ukraine.

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The president and other political leaders are offering a variety of political responses. But they ignore the obvious solution: Unleash the U.S. oil and gas […]

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