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Opinion: How older Americans can generate a post-COVID ‘vaccine dividend’ for the U.S. economy

MarketWatch photo illustration/Getty Images I first visited the Oakland Coliseum on a glorious late summer day in 1990. Oakland A’s star right-hander Bob Welch pitched magnificently that day en route to winning 27 games and the Cy Young Award. It was my fondest Coliseum memory until the other day when I left Interstate 880 at the stadium exit, turned onto Joe Morgan Drive, and wound my way past police barricades into Parking Lot A.

Like so many other older people flocking to the FEMA supersite, I was there to get my COVID vaccination. My shot was administered by two upbeat, idealistic young people — one from rural California, the other from Minnesota — who had ventured to Oakland, Calif. out of a sense of service, they told me. Within a half hour, I was headed home, shocked at moving towards a safety that long seemed out of reach.

I’m still overwhelmed by feelings of liberation and gratitude. Liberation to be able to reconnect soon with family, friends, neighbors, society. Gratitude at having been given priority, by virtue of my age, at a time when so many others are still waiting their turn. And I feel a sense of responsibility, too — […]

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