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OPINION | Lack of consent education perpetuates sexual violence


Education on consent promotes self advocacy and body awareness. (Arielle Loubier) From a young age, children are conditioned to accept affection, whether or not they are comfortable. This translates into them lacking a perception of boundaries when it comes to theirs and others’ bodies. Not establishing the importance of consent early on can prove detrimental when children grow to be young adults that cannot grasp the concept of consent in a sexual situation.

While consent can seem like a too mature concept to discuss during childhood, conversations around consent do not necessarily have to be centered around its sexual connotation. Consent can range from teaching children how to accept “no” as an answer to simply asking before giving them a hug. Education on consent promotes respecting the decisions of others as well as making decisions about how and by whom one is touched.

Yet, most of the United States does not share the same sentimentality. In fact, only 24 states require sex education with less than half of those states mandating education on consent. Preventing sexual misconduct begins with transforming the way education tackles sex, bodily anatomy and relationships.

When accurate education on consent is not available or taught in schools, teens […]

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