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Opinion: Let’s migrate toward social justice

a herd of buffalo roaming and grazing on the plains next to mountains

“It’s worth noting that the mountains around Taos are nearly a billion years old. We puny humans will have come and gone in the time it takes for them to sneeze. One term that has been flung by some at new arrivals to Taos is “Settlers.” If we take the long view, however, we are all settlers. Even the Buffalo.”

In response to Daniel A. Brown’s March 22, 2021, opinion piece (particularly the final paragraph quoted above), how poetically we brush away our historical and unjust impositions on one another by stating something that sounds like, “Everybody did it (even the buffalo?)” creating false justification and perhaps unwittingly encouraging complacency, making a bed for perpetuated injustice and oppression.

Neither horizontal nor vertical lines will do as markers in a landscape in which neither are naturally occurring, including within our society.

Forced to move across the land by justice hunger, let’s migrate towards social justice, struggling with one another to plan and enact substantive change with continued self-education. The newcomer’s story and the lasting effects on those they have overrun are complex and […]

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