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By Megha Parwani 35 minutes ago During Family Weekend several days ago, Stanford leadership was again asked why tuition has remained unchanged despite the shift to remote learning. Provost Drell pointed to increased costs due to the pandemic, but she did not delineate what these costs are. She added that “the value of the Stanford degree is going to be undiminished when our students graduate.” While it’s unfortunate to see education framed as a transaction — lots of money for a degree — the response is candid. A Stanford degree is worth a good deal, even when attached to an experientially diminished education. This should make us wonder why more people cannot access it.

While the admissions office makes commendable efforts to increase access and inclusion, and the university provides significant financial aid to domestic students, Stanford still lags in promoting social mobility. In December 2019, the Education Reform Network released a report ranking the best “social mobility elevators” among colleges in the United States. Stanford fell toward the bottom half of the list, ranking 216th . In an interview with The Daily, the report’s author, James Murphy, said that despite its ranking, “places like Stanford are incredibly good at […]

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