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Opinion: Parity between mental healthcare, physical healthcare to begin in Michigan


Imagine that you’re out in your yard, finally raking up those autumn leaves that keep piling up. When all of a sudden, you feel a crushing pain in your chest. You get dizzy and break into a cold sweat. You’re no doctor, but it sure feels like this could be a heart attack.

You call 911, and an ambulance takes you to a nearby hospital. You’re right – one of your arteries is blocked and you need immediate treatment.

Only it turns out that you can’t get treatment. Why? Because the hospital’s cardiac unit is funded by a grant that ran out last week. No funding, no health care.

Does this story sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it’s been all too real for Michiganders who suffer from mental illness or substance use disorders. For far too long, behavioral health care in our state and across our country has been funded by grants. And when the grant ran out, so did the health care.

Now that’s finally changing.

Starting this month, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics in Michigan will begin to be reimbursed through Medicaid the same way we fund our community health centers for physical care. It’s a change that was made possible by my Excellence […]

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