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Opinion/Romano and Kushner: Remote workforce can be a boon for RI economy

Guest columnists Jon Romano is a former senior adviser to Gov. Gina Raimondo and partner at Department of Here, a San Francisco-based communications and economic development firm founded by Lev Kushner.

We’ve all experienced the hushed newness of walking outside after a snowstorm, tromping through the deep powder and exploring a world transformed. Being first out the door is special. It offers the honor of leaving your footprints on an untouched expanse, of remaking yourself and the world as you want them to be.

That’s where Rhode Island is right now. America has been turned upside down and shaken like a snow globe this last year, and as we all shovel our way out of the chaos we need to think clearly about how to shape the future. Plugging holes in an attempt to return to the pre-pandemic world is not enough. Rhode Island needs to reach for something better.

Talent attraction is part of the solution. The rise of remote work means talented Americans everywhere are reassessing where they should live. Employees don’t have to live within commuting distance to work anymore; they can search as far afield as they want in search of affordable housing and a good quality […]

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