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Opinion: User screens key to future of healthcare

The future of healthcare now belongs to Amazon, AmWell, and those health systems that understand that winners and losers will be decided by “touch-the-glass” devices – cellphones and tablets.

I’m reading a lot of articles and hearing several of my clients muttering about people going back to in-patient visits. This recidivism is bonkers. It’s like the smoker who quit for a year, now starting back up again; or your Uncle Al buying 45s to play on his digital record player. It’s a big, bad, backward step.

Touch the glass mobile devices will eventually become everyone’s primary access to care. It already is but some of us don’t realize it. Touchscreens will triage, filter and direct patients for the benefit of everyone in the health system – the providers and the patients. Soon, chatbots will evolve into interactive video interviews and the bots will take care of front-office work, like whether you need to come in or not. Systems that have clunky or bad consumer-facing software will sink and those whose software is slick will win. The big losers will be providers who attempt to drag people to their facilities, just because. Because in an age where five seconds is too long […]

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