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Opinion: Winterhawks logo change represents a chance for healing, partnership

– The new logos of the Portland Winterhawks are unveiled. Keith Dwiggins / Portland Winterhawks Paul Lumley

Lumley is executive director of the Native American Youth and Family Center. He lives in Portland.

The Portland Winterhawks junior hockey team recently dropped the Native American logo they’ve used for decades for a fresh new look . The team’s decision to retire the Native logo is cause for celebration after years of efforts by the Native community and our allies. This victory is a community-wide victory.

At times, it seemed we would never get to this point. Despite repeated efforts for well more than a decade and requests from my organization and others, the team’s leadership consistently maintained that the logo – featuring a cartoonish Native man in a headdress and face paint – was somehow honoring Native heritage as opposed to the reality that it mocks it.

But we kept at it. Encouraged by social justice changes nationally, the Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable asked that I send a letter to the Winterhawks last summer asking for dialogue about retiring the racist logo. We received no response. Last October 12, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Native American Youth and Family Center launched […]

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