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College and university students face a wide range of stressors, including the financial (how can I pay for this?), social (my new partner dumped me!) and developmental (doing my own laundry and paying the internet bill). In the current COVID-19 reality, the stressors upon students are no doubt significantly heightened. Beyond typical college-age challenges, many students are now dealing with the complicating issues of remote learning and social isolation , as well as painful misfortunes like losing jobs or work experience.

Such concurrent stressors make positive experiences in the classroom all the more important. It is as helpful a time as ever to consider how learning can be a respite and a joy rather than a chore, regardless of whether the learning environment is face-to-face, online or blended.

Much to the detriment of both faculty and students, discussions about fun and closely related concepts are notably absent from the scholarship of learning in higher education. But we suggest that play and fun have a rightful and important role in in the classroom and suggest the notion of a ludic pedagogy. From the Latin ludere , “to play,” this model focuses on creating positive, fun experiences while still maintaining academic rigor. It […]

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