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Those of you who know me and follow me, are probably tired of waiting for some of my projects to come to fruition.

I’ll admit, I’m honestly exhausted from hearing myself, let alone sitting in front of a computer typing away at code for hours at a time. But enough about my not so fabulous life.

Moreover my journey of being known for my contributions to society and not my wealth, which I have none at all.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

In order to keep this from becoming a diatribe. Since I turned 40 and had my midlife crisis.

All of a sudden it dawned on me, that I soon would reach an age of unemployability like the majority of Gen-X.

Who in my opinion, are still dealing with middle-child syndrome…

You see, we are the forgotten ones. The ones who drank water out of a garden hose, walked two miles to school at age of 7.

Possessors of latch-keys, birthers of the majority of the technology that consumes our lives, including social media.

All things considered, the most important thing to remember is that above all, we are battered, beaten, and bruised.

We were much more successful at an early age – in some instances.  Accrued more wealth, helped fuel the economy.

Shouldered what seemed to be the end of the cold war; only to go back to war, and be attacked by terrorists.

All while suffering the most extreme weather recorded for the year, almost every year.

But ain’t nothing going to hold me down, break my stride…

Absent three economic crises to the (loud boisterous voice) likes of never before seen in history – bullshit – gesundheit. We took it on the chin.

We kept rolling with the punches because – we drank water out of a garden hose.

Rode bikes without helmets played outside, got beat by our parents, and still use Sir or Mam.

And then…

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Just like that, a little microscopic particle brings the entire world to its knees, locked in confinement.

I note, the irony must not be lost with society’s obsession with zombies. But just like an episode of a never-ending series, the monster had finally reared its ugly head.

This time the Systemic Failure Monster cost the world exponentially, more importantly, family, friends, and loved ones lost for all of us.

This short diatribe is what brings me to this update.

The platform I have been developing for my Senate campaign Open Political is going live with betas in the coming weeks, I’m rushing to meet my mid-month launch.

This means I will be focusing on content for the platform and for the network.

Our first investigative report is coming soon, our podcast is hoping to launch this weekend, and we have several episodes in development.

A caveat – since the mantra of this network is to inform and educate, the majority of our first content will focus on exposing the systemic failures we continue to endure.

Our first episode will focus on the general malfeasance promulgated by retired judges in Florida Courts.

The expose will highlight Florida’s infamous sui generis system, the defacto policy aka rocket-docket.

Moreover, the profound effect on Civil Rights.

Carpe Diem!


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