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OSU horticulturist helps Oregonians fortify lawns, landscapes for climate change


Weston Miller teaches people to turn their lawns into carbon sinks and to use plants to protect buildings from fire, wind. Oregon State University Horticulturist Weston Miller in his Portland garden. Miller stands next to a pineapple guava, a fruiting shrub from South America that can survive in Oregon’s now longer, warmer months. (Alex Baumhardt/Oregon Capital Chronicle) Weston Miller is helping Oregonians plant for a future of more heavy rains, winds, droughts, fires and bugs.

Miller directs the West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, is a master gardener and has been a community and urban horticulturist at Oregon State University’s Extension Service for 14 years. He teaches people to landscape their properties with plants that are capable of holding more water, staying intact in wind and rain storms and ones that can even protect buildings from fire.

He said more people in Oregon should begin thinking about climate change when it comes to landscaping they undertake.

“From drought, to algae blooms in freshwater lakes, to freezing rain, wind storms, hot, hot winds, we’re going to expect an increase in the frequency and increase in the magnitude of those kinds of events. So all of that definitely has an impact on people’s […]

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