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Our Environment at Risk: Experiencing climate change anxiety?


I think about the impending adverse consequences of climate change every day. Each time it brings me anxiety and I am not alone in feeling that way.

According to an online October 2020 Scientific American article about climate change, “nearly three fourths of Americans now think it’s occurring, more than 60% believe it is caused by humans, and more than two thirds report they’re at least “somewhat worried” by it.”

Climate scientists specifically, knowing all too well the terrible effects climate change will have on our world, are having their mental well-being weakened by anxiety.

Over the past several years you could not help but increasingly hear about climate change and its adverse effects in the news, on TV and radio, or in social media. Some of the climate change related topics covered have included extreme weather events, US security, business risk, rising sea levels, flooding, droughts, climate migrants, and unusual changes in the Gulf Stream. The range of concerns is broad and growing.

Most recently the Midwest experienced more than a week of unseasonably cold temperatures due to the polar vortex that migrated south over the central US, all the way into Texas and Alabama with disastrous results. Understanding how this […]

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