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Our top picks for the best electric car in 2021


If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about taking the leap into the work of electric vehicles. You came to the right place because we’ve driven plenty of EVs. These battery-powered vehicles really can serve as a daily driver as the technology gets better, ranges become more livable and charging infrastructure starts to expand.

The problem is figuring out which of the many electric vehicles on sale today will best fit your life and your budget. Do you want something cheaper and with a more limited range, or do you want to pony up some cash for luxury features and enough range for charge-free road trips? How are you supposed to choose the best EV for you?

We can’t tell you exactly which EV is right for your life, but we can narrow your choices down. See, we’ve driven just about every permutation of every current-production electric vehicle on sale in the US today, so we here at Roadshow have a better-than-average view of what’s good and what’s not in EVs right now.

After taking a look at our recommendations, don’t forget to check out our tips afterwards for buying your first EV. Mini might be new to the EV game, but the […]

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