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Out Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes is running to serve Arizona instead of Trump


Mayes-Kris 4 Kris Mayes, the presumptive Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Arizona, laughs easily, and often. A policy wonk first, Mayes has the sterling academic credentials that would guarantee her election if the race was only about smarts.

But she’ll be facing one of six Republicans running for the job, nearly all in thrall to the MAGA wing of the GOP. This race won’t be about brains.

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So it probably helps to have a sense of humor as Mayes, 50, wades into what’s bound to be an ugly election brawl.

LGBTQ Nation spoke with the candidate from her home in Phoenix, where she lives with her 10-year-old daughter, Hattie, and asked which Republican she thought she’d be up against.

She laughs. “I have no idea. I have no idea! ‘Cause there’s 6 of them, so we’ll see. But I’m willing, and looking forward, to running against any of them, ’cause we’re gonna—”.Mayes pauses.“I do not believe any of them represent the values or the priorities of Arizonans, one whit. These are going to be hard-fought battles for Arizona’s future.” Mayes on the campaign trail with daughter Hattie The […]

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