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Out former state lawmaker claims GOP “lied” to her about being pro-LGBTQ


Donald Trump said that he would be “better for the gay community” during the campaign, but his Justice Department is arguing against progress in LGBT rights made during the Obama Administration. A queer former Republican state lawmaker is claiming that the GOP “lied” to her because the party made her think that it supported LGBTQ rights when, in reality, it does not.

Out former New Hampshire state Rep. Yvonne Bailey (R) wrote a column for The Daily Beast where she claimed that the GOP was moving towards LGBTQ acceptance – as signified with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 – but is now regressing.

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“I became more assured that Republicans had embraced gay marriage in 2016 when Donald Trump held a pride flag on the campaign trail,” she wrote. “This was something that no GOP presidential candidate had done before… ever.”

She said that “that support appeared to be even stronger during President Trump’s reelection campaign,” despite the Trump administration’s numerous attacks on LGBTQ rights, including allowing adoption agencies that get government funding to refuse to work with same-sex couples, banning transgender people from the military, and arguing […]

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