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Out Fox host warns viewers about hellish human-animal mutants that Democrats support

The most important problem facing America: mutants. Photo: Screenshot Out Fox Nation host and Fox News Primetime contributor Tammy Bruce is sounding the alarm about human chimera mutants, which she says Democrats aren’t doing enough to stop.

Saying that the chimeras are “obviously from Hell,” Bruce said that “the Democrats will have blood on their hands for not joining the GOP and stopping it when they had a chance.”

Bruce was referring to a $247 billion bill passed by the Senate earlier this week that includes funding for scientific research. Senate Republicans introduced an amendment to stop research into making “human-animal chimera” and imposes prison sentences and fines on scientists who try to create them.

Democrats voted against this because the research being referred to is intended to produce possible body parts or tissues, not fully-formed mutants who will live among us.

A graphic on the screen then said, “Mutants are coming!” said a graphic on the screen

“There is a way to genetically engineer both the embryo and the stem cells so that the stem cells will only make a particular organ,” bioethicist Insoo Hyun told NPR . “Nobody wants a chimeric embryo to grow into a part-human, part-animal thing that has human […]

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