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Pandemic of confusion as leaders choose politics over health


January 4, 2022 — 12.10am

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Leave a comment Illustration: Cathy Wilcox. First published September 23, 2021.Credit: A little while ago, when the COVID-19 numbers were stable, I understood what was happening and knew if I was concerned I could have a PCR test, with a rapid response. A new Premier, accompanied by a variation in the virus, changed that. What equanimity there was dissipated as rapidly as the numbers rose and the restrictions eased. Now the peace of mind created by the possibility of a PCR test is as distant as a shop with RATs in stock. We are told to monitor for symptoms. We already do that. So if the symptoms are iffy, what do we do? What makes me worry is the entire response is based, not on health advice, but on politics. – Peter Bourke, Rockdale

While Liberal leaders like Dominic Perrottet and Scott Morrison bang on about the need for us to take personal responsibility, the NSW and federal governments have failed their own responsibility benchmark. How can we self-test if the governments don’t supply the means of doing so? Yes, Mr Premier and Mr […]

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