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Passing the vibe check


“Annissa Flores” Gen Z called (okay, they texted), and they’re not planning to cancel you anytime soon.

All jokes aside, we’ve gotten the impression that, ahem , older folks find Gen Zers a little intimidating and hard to understand. It’s a tale as old as time, really. But if we’re not careful, those uncomfy feelings can turn into judgment, which only drives generations further apart.

It’s time to change the conversation. Gen Z is made up of many individuals and smaller demographic groups, and their collective ideals are built on style and substance. Edelman made it their mission to understand this generation’s beliefs and opinions, and their research reveals just how complex and caring this group actually is. If we’re willing to listen, they have plenty to teach us.

But first: Why should Gen Z matter to me?

Gen Zers (we’re talkin’ people born between 1997 and 2012) are a rapidly growing segment of the retail market. This generation is big ( real big), with over 2 billion members and an estimated $360 billion in spending power. And as Gen Zers reach adulthood, they’re leading a huge evolution in shopping, one that future-focused brands shouldn’t ignore.

Gen Z’s communication style may be […]

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