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Path to Predictive Patient Data: Silencing The Noise of Healthcare


Shane Cooke, CEO and President of Etiometry As the healthcare industry is experiencing major changes in the wake of the pandemic, how do we cut through the noise of beeping monitors and the constant influx of data each patient produces in a given moment to ensure optimal care, especially for critically ill patients? Instead of adding a new beep or silencing the existing ones, why not build a path through the noise with data?

The Path to Predictive Data

Nearly every advancement in healthcare has been centered around data, with no end in sight. Patients in critical care settings produce some of the largest collections, yielding thousands of data points that healthcare providers are left to sift through and make real-time decisions. With so many pieces of disconnected technology producing critical information that informs patient care decisions, where do you start and how do you keep track of it all?

Existing hospital IT systems and the stand-alone medical devices they operate lack a collective clinical intelligence that aggregates all patient data into one source. This means critical predictive data is getting lost before making it to clinicians. Synergetic connections of the shared analytics between technology and clinicians are essential for […]

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