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Phoenix could soon become uninhabitable — and the poor will be the first to leave


As climate change continues to bake the Earth, it is not merely the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that is heating our cities . In many cases, human-made infrastructure is exacerbating or even making our cities more uninhabitable.

Indeed, as the world warms, something called the “heat island effect” is a major threat to countless cities. The heat island effect is a phenomenon in which urban areas experience higher temperatures than the areas adjacent to them. It is typically caused by infrastructure, like buildings and roads, absorbing excess heat; they retain that heat that they absorb during the day and keep cities hot, even at night time. This is why the summer overnight low in cities like Phoenix, Ariz., is often 90° Fahrenheit or higher.

“Climate stress does not affect everyone equally, and those with more resources will be able to protect and sustain their way of life for much longer than other poorer, and more vulnerable populations.”

For sprawling cities with lots of paved land, the heat island effect is going to be pervasive — and in the United States, this is true perhaps nowhere more so than in desert cities like Phoenix.

As a result — and in the […]

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