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Phones we love: ZDNet writers actually (still!) use these devices


Curious about the favorite devices and phone buying habits of ZDNet’s tech reporters, mobile business editors, and gadget freaks? Read on.

The 10 best smartphones

On the other hand, if you want our expert recommendations on the latest and greatest phones, we have you covered elsewhere.

The fact is, of the 22 ZDNet contributors we talked to, barely half currently use handsets that are still for sale — new — by their respective vendors. So much for “early adopters,” right?

Senior contributor David Gewirtz calls his six-year-old iPhone 6s Plus “the best phone I’ve ever used. Why spend thousands of dollars when this thing hasn’t failed me once?”

Reviews editor Charles McLellan said that despite “having seen all manner of new and improved flagship phones flow through the reviews system,” he remains happy with his Samsung Note 8, thank you very much.By contrast, it’s no surprise that our mobile gadgeteer Matthew Miller thinks his iPhone 12 Pro Max “sets the bar for all other phones.”As with our earlier survey of “Laptops We Love ,” Apple once again dominated. In fact, 16 out of 22 editors are using an iPhone model. Specifically, the iPhone SE and iPhone XR are tied for most popular […]

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