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Photographing the American Pika, a Tiny Indicator of Climate Change


Above treeline winds howl as blowing snow turns my world white. It’s six in the morning and I’ve just reached my destination at 12,500 feet, somewhere deep in the Uncompahgre Wilderness.

My trek up to this point was a grueling one, where I had to break a trail through two feet of fresh snow in the dark that only December can create. I made my way up this mountain, guided by the few tracks I could see in the snow: the familiar ghost-like prints of a red fox.

For many years now this has been how my mornings begin, where I drink as much coffee as possible while I pack up my photography gear for a big hike into the wilderness. Some mornings I would prefer to be cozy in bed, but that preference is rarely embraced. Instead, I double-check that I’ve got everything packed up and head out to find American Pika (Ochotona princeps) in their alpine homes. Getting to the Pika’s Habitat

My work with the American Pika began as a way to bring some much-needed awareness to the species, while also satisfying my passion for seeing these tiny friends and the alpine wonderlands they call home. My work […]

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