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Pixel 6: Why I replaced my iPhone with Google’s newest Android phone


Image: Sebaztian Barns / ZDNet When you use the same hardware and software for long enough, you overlook the shortcomings you’re constantly working around.

Avoiding this sort of technological tunnel vision is one reason I regularly switch between Android and iOS for my primary mobile device. Earlier in 2021, I realized I had been using an iPhone for nearly two years (with a fairly recent iPhone 12 upgrade) and was overdue for a check-in with the latest Android device.

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Google’s introduction of two new Pixel phones in mid-October was the perfect excuse to switch back. I pre-ordered my Pixel 6, in Stormy Black (to be honest, it looks gray to me) with 256 GB of storage. After a few minor hiccups with shipping (Google was apparently overwhelmed by demand), I received it on October 30 and have been using it as my primary mobile device ever since.

This isn’t the first Pixel I’ve owned. With one early Pixel model, I spent weeks navigating Google support, eventually reaching the upper ranks. I wound up getting a full refund for that device after they were unable to resolve a particularly gnarly networking bug.

My colleague Jason Perlow had a singularly […]

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