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Plastic is a climate, health and social justice issue

Achieving systems change requires confronting the entire system. Greenpeace volunteers in South Korea found this Coke bottle as part of a cleanup and brand audit of the popular Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul. © Soojung Do / Greenpeace What’s happening

Companies like Coke, Pepsi and Nestle rely on single-use plastic , which is not only polluting the entire planet with waste, but helping to prop up the oil and gas sector and fueling climate change.

For the fossil fuel industry, plastic represents a desperate lifeline . The same companies responsible for overheating the climate, including ExxonMobil, Shell, Ineos, and Chevron Phillips, are also responsible for producing single-use plastic for big brands.

Unfortunately, the answer from the consumer goods sector has been to acknowledge the severity of the issue, dial up the PR machine, run a few reuse pilots and double-down on business as usual: more single-use plastic for generations to come. And, in working to preserve their single-use business model, the consumer goods sector finds itself increasingly aligned with a longtime and troubling ally at the heart of our climate crisis – the fossil fuel industry. Ineos and Braskem oil facilities in La Porte, Texas. As upstream profits in oil and […]

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